• Pulsed laser ablation (PLA) and deposition (PLD) and PLA in liquid environment (PLAL).
  • Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structuring (LIPSS).
  • Optical Spectroscopies: Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Optical time-of-flight, multiphoton spectroscopies, pump and probe.
  • Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS).
  • Harmonic generation in ablation plumes.
  • Generation of coherent vacuum ultraviolet radiation by nonlinear frequency mixing.
  • Laser cleaning.
  • Nonlinear optical microscopy with femtosecond laser pulses.

Pulsed laser deposition chamber

Pulsed laser deposition set up



Laser ablation time-of-flight mass spectrometry