Ramón y Cajal Scientist

  Extension: 961372

  e-mail: e.rebollar(at)

Short CV

2012-present: Ramón y Cajal fellow at Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano, CSIC (Madrid, Spain)

2009-2012: Postdoctoral fellow at Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano, CSIC (Madrid, Spain)

2007-2009: Postdoctoral fellow at the Applied Physics Department, Universidade de Vigo (Vigo, Spain)

2006-2007: Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Applied Physics, Johannes Kepler Universität (Linz, Austria)

2006: PhD in Chemistry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Thesis title: "Mecanismos y aplicaciones de la ablación láser de polímeros dopados"

2002-2006: PhD student at Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano, CSIC (Madrid, Spain). Supervisor: Marta Castillejo

2001: BSc Chemistry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid




Laser micro- and nanoprocessing of polymers 

Study of mechanisms of laser ablation of polymers

Applications of modified polymers and biopolymers in nanoscience and biomedicime
















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